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Yesterday Moll turned up at MB HQ with a fully fledged matchbox prototype for Mother's Day. She moaned that it had taken a couple of hours to develop. Marv and Ling who have been trying to do a similar box for over two years were a little peeved but within hours searches on the internet for metal hearts, powders and hole punchers had begun in order to get the box finished in time for Mother's Day. Today testing started with Marv trying to cut out itsy bitsy letters in an itsy bitsy card, whilst Ling hand filled tiny bottles with cocoa and then attempted to sprinkle it through Marv's impromptu stencils. By the time they had finished Marv's kitchen top looked more like a preparation area for suspicious substances not helped by the fact that  Marv and Ling were both a bit sweaty and extremely high from the fact that the experiment had worked. 

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