Revolting at Marvling HQ

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There have been revolutionary mutterings at Marvling HQ. Nell, Sal and Moll have been packing Hot Stuff for the last few weeks (no easy task as labels have to be levelled up, corks tested and bottles polished) and and all are somewhat dubious about the sheer amount of boxes they are having to pack. When the team question Marv about the quantities needed for Christmas the reply is always 'MORE! MORE!'. The packed boxes are taken into Ling's cabin, and Nell, whilst packing a particularly troublesome set of bottles, suggested the conspiracy theory that Marv and Ling didn't really need all these boxes and Ling was just unpacking them all again in her cabin and bringing them back to make it look busy. Marv had to give them all a rest from Hot Stuff, to avoid a nasty rebellion, so everyone was pacified with a few World's Hottest boxes to pack.....

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