Tea Garden

'Tea Garden In A Matchbox' is the perfect gift for those who love a good cuppa. 

This beautiful box contains two foil wrapped luxury black tea hearts blended with rose petals, for a refreshing light and floral cup of tea. Also included is a miniature bottle of chamomile seeds, so you can grow and enjoy your own herbal tea. 

This gift comes with two drawstring teabags for your tea hearts, chamomile growing instructions and a limited edition collector's card featuring a vintage matchbox label design, all perfectly packaged in a standard sized matchbox. 

So let them put their feet up with a relaxing brew, whilst watching their tea garden grow.


2 foil wrapped tea hearts
1 bottle of chamomile seeds
2 drawstring tea bags
Growing instructions
Collector's card

Size: 5.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.6cm


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