Spice Rack In A Matchbox

The Four Most Expensive Spices In The World In A Matchbox

This is a great gift to spice up anyone's life and turn the simplest of ingredients into a gourmet delight. It features finest grade 1 sargol saffron threads grown on Iranian saffron farms using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, premium madagascan vanilla powder, true ceylon cinnamon powder and fragrant green cardamom powder. Each spice is beautifully presented in a glass bottle with cork stopper. With two healthy portions each of these precious spices, no one gets left on the shelf.

The box also includes four quick and easy recipe cards and a limited edition collector's card featuring a vintage matchbox label design. This all comes perfectly packaged in a standard sized matchbox. Spice Rack In A Matchbox is an original and fun gift for any food lover or budding chef.

Above Average Contents: 
1 x jar of Persian Saffron, 
1 x jar of Madagascan Vanilla,
1 x jar of Ceylon Cinnamon,
1 x jar of Indian Cardamom,
4 x Recipe cards,
Collector's card (design may vary from image)

Actual size: 5.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.6cm

Not suitable for under 3s.

Send it giftwrapped


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