Relaxing Tea Infusion Collection

A sampler selection of traditional and herbal teas, specially selected for ther calming and healing properties.

This beautifully presented collection contains the top picks of the tea and herbal infusion world. From the finest traditional teas to the delicate herbal blooms and fragrant leaves there is sure to be a brew to suit every taste.

Included are exquisite whole dried rosebuds, celebrated for their delicate flavour, fruity and colourful hibiscus petals, a fresh and floral white tea, a smooth and cleansing Sencha green tea and much more.

All the infusions can be drunk straight or blended to suit your taste and mood, from a calming camomile, rose and lavender mix to an invigorating oolong, hibiscus and lavender immune booster. There is enough of each tea for two cups and the traditional teas can be infused two or three times giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy every tea to the full.

Each tea is stored in an individual round screw lid tin with a clear lid, and beautifully exhibited in a silver tin. Suggestions for blending, along with instructions on how to precisely brew your tea and 12 T-filters complete this beautiful tea lovers gift.

Suitable for any budding tea masters and tea enthusiasts.

This gift will fit through a letterbox.

Teas in your tin: 2 tsp of each.

Whole rosebuds


Hibiscus petals

Dried Camomile flowers

Cacao nibs

Dried Spearmint leaves

Dried Lemongrass

Fennel seeds

Kenyan Tinderet white tea

Traditional high mountain oolong tea

Sencha green tea

Assam black tea

All the teas are ethically sourced according to the Ethical Tea Partnership regulations

Vintage style aluminium tin, tea, herbs with no additives, unbleached paper t filters

Dimensions: 16.5cm x 13.5cm x 2cm

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