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Christmas Card Games

Thinking of you rainbow

Wool Felt Tiger

 Thankyou bouquet in jar

Thinking of you forgetmenot

Thinking of you jar

Tiger Christmas Spirit

Wool Felt Heart and Love

Felt Koala Bear Spirit

Wool felt Orangutan Spirit

Wool Felt Panda Spirit

Wool Felt Sloth Spirit

Orangutan Christmas Spirit

Kawaii Strawberry mini Cross stitch

Kawaii Rainbow Arc mini Cross stitch

March Birthstone Aquamarine

May Birthstone Emerald

Happy Birthday Bouquet in a jar

Love You S'More Marshmallows

Mini Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Happy 21st Birthday Pearl

Birthday Hug Felt Heart

January Birth Seeds

June Birth Seeds

Kawaii Christmas Tree Cross stitch

Mother's Day Mini Marshmallows

Happy 40th Birthday Pearl

Favourite Person Mini Marshmallows

February Birthstone Amethyst

Special Delivery Mother's Day

April Birth Seeds

Grow Your Own Mushy Peas

Happy Birthday Folk Art

October Birthstone Tourmaline

September Birthstone Sapphire

Mini Marshmallow Toasting Kit

Kawaii Christmas Pudding Mini Cross stitch

July Birth Seeds

Happy Birthday Wild Flower Seeds

Kawaii Lemon mini Cross stich

Kawaii Rainbow Cloud mini Cross Stitch

Kawaii Rainbow Heart mini Cross Stitch

Grow Your Own Confetti

Grow Your Own Tabasco Chilli

Kawaii Christmas Star mini Cross Stitch

January Birthstone Garnet

Happy Anniversary Seeds

Polish Birthday Folk

Happy 50th Birthday Pearl

Kawaii Cupcake mini Cross Stitch

Kawaii Broccoli mini Cross Stitch

November Birth Seeds

Wool Felt Wolf Spirit

Special Delivery A Dozen Roses

A Little Hug

Happy 70th Birthday Pearl

Happy Mother's Day Bouquet in a Jar

Happy 30th Birthday Pearl

Kawaii Ice Lolly Mini Cross Stitch

Welsh Birthday Folk

Christmas Tree Decoration Night Before Christmas

Wolf Christmas Spirit

Hot Stuff Chilli Powders

Happy 16th Birthday Pearl

Christmas Tree Decoration Animal Land

Grow Your Own Baked Beans

February Birth Seeds

Happy 60th Birthday Pearl

June Birthstone Alexandrite

Father's Day Mini Marshmallows

April Birthstone Diamond

You're a Star Meteorite

Mushy Pea Pearls

Grow Your Own Ink Gift

Christmas Tree Decoration ABC

November Birthstone Topaz

May Birth Seeds

Special Delivery Christmas North Pole

Happy Anniversary Pearls

December Birth Seeds

September Birth Seeds

Grow Your Own Tomato Soup

Christmas Matchstick Puzzles

Grow Your Own Thyme Air Freshener

Village Scene Crackers

Blue Hug

Happy Birthday Music Box

Mindfulness Seeds and Candle

August Birthstone Peridot

Grow Your Own Sweetcorn

Grow Your Own Micro Pub

Kawaii Ice Cream Mini Cross Stitch

October Birth Seeds

December Birthstone Turquoise

Grow Your Own Lemongrass

Happy Birthday Pearl

Congratulations Bouquet in a Jar

Grow Your Own Peppermint

Grow Your Own Pet Comforter

 Get Well Bouquet in a Jar

Invaders Cross Stitch

Happy 18th Birthday Pearl

Special Delivery Happy Birthday

August Birth Seeds

March Birth Seeds

Christmas Tree Decoration Set of Six

July Birthstone Ruby

Koala Christmas Spirit

Christmas Cheers

Panda Christmas Spirit

Sloth Christmas Spirit


Christmas Tree Decoration Robin

Christmas Tree Decoration Santa Land

Christmas Tree Decoration Christmas Morning

Christmas Marshmallows

Special Delivery Congratulations Mini Bouquet

Special Delivery Baby Boy Mini Bouquet

Special Delivery Baby Girl Mini Bouquet

Thank you Caterpillar Wildflower seeds

Thank you Vintage Wildflower Seeds

Large Gift Bag

Small Gift Bag