21 Fun Facts You Won’t Believe About Pandas

September 26, 2021

21 Fun Facts You Won’t Believe About Pandas

Pandas are creatures that many people will look at and find adorable even though they are one of the strongest animals in the world, but their looks are not the only deceiving feature of the panda. There is so much more to them besides their beautiful white and black fur, and they are surprisingly very alike you and me. Here are 21 fun facts that you have most likely never heard about the panda that we are sure to put a smile on your face. 

  1. Pandas are much bigger than you imagine them to be. An adult panda weighs on average 100 pounds and can get to 1.5 meters long. 
  2. Not all pandas are black and white. Some pandas are brown and white but this is a rarity. 
  3. Pandas change colour. A panda is born without fur and they have a pink tone to their skin. After around 3 weeks is when a panda develops a white and black or white and brown colour. 
  4. Pandas enjoy sleeping and eating. This is one many of us can relate to but because the panda is lazy they spend the average day just eating and sleeping. 
  5. Pandas are more active in the morning. If you are looking to see a panda at its most active you will want to visit them in the morning as this is when you will see them in action. 
  6. You will find baby pandas during August as mating months for pandas are March-May, so if you are wanting to see a new-born panda this is when you will be most likely to see one. 
  7. Pandas have 6 toes. Pandas have an extra toe that helps out when they are trying to eat bamboo efficiently. 
  8. Females usually produce 2 offspring, this being said there is always a stronger twin and sadly the other panda will not likely survive in the wild. 
  9. Pandas lived 2 million years ago. Prehistoric panda fossils have been found from 2 million years ago in China. 
  10. Pandas can spend up to 14 hours a day eating, and because of this they sometimes eat up to 38 kilos of bamboo a day
  11. A panda's favourite food is bamboo shoots. Although this may sound unappealing, humans can actually eat bamboo shoots when cooked first. 
  12. Pandas have great camouflage. As most of the panda is white it means that they can hide in snowy habitats but also in the shade due to their arms and legs being black. 
  13. They have vertical slits as pupils. Unlike other bears, pandas have vertical slits for pupils, which is what you see on cats. 
  14. Mother pandas protect their cubs. During the first month that a cub is born, the mother usually spends 100% of their time by the side of the cub. 
  15. Pandas are somewhat fearless. At the age of just 5 months old, pandas learn how to climb and they even practise climbing on their mothers sometimes. 
  16. Bamboo prevents pandas from starving. Pandas need 2 types of bamboo to avoid starvation.
  17. Pandas don’t just eat bamboo. Although their diet is mainly made up of bamboo, pandas also eat small animals, eggs and farmland greens. 
  18. Pandas often do handstands while urinating. The reason pandas do this is to mark the trees around them. 
  19. They are confident when it comes to swimming. Giant pandas are very comfortable in the water and are good swimmers.
  20. It takes a female cub on average 5 years to become an adult, and a male cub takes up to 7.
  21. Giant pandas have 42 teeth, similar to humans, pandas get 2 sets of teeth across their life.

Pandas are beautiful and majestic animals. If you love the panda as much as we do, take a look at our Panda Spirit Animal In A Matchbox here.

panda spirit animal in a matchbox